The Tweed Heads Hospital
The Tweed Heads Hospital SCOTT POWICK

Hospital staff to protest over security conditions

WORKERS at Tweed Heads Hospital will protest tomorrow over the need for better security conditions following several violent incidents including a man who threatened staff with knife.

The hospital staff will walk out at 12.30pm tomorrow to the riverbank across the road where they will demand more security officers with increased powers and better equipment. 

Unions NSW Secretary Mark Morey said the State Government has released a review of safety and security in public hospitals, however the report had been criticised as too little, too late. 

He said the Anderson Report was another lost opportunity to address increasing violence in our public health system. 

"It's disappointing that the report failed to highlight to need for significant increase in the number of hospital security staff across NSW. 

"The safety of staff, patients and visitors at NSW hospital should not be left to chance. 

"We will continue to revisit the past mistakes into the future if nothing changes.” 

Mr Morey said the situation at Tweed Hospital was particularly concerning. 

"In recent times we have seen a worrying trend of people coming into the Tweed Hospital with knives,” he said. 

"Only a few weeks ago we had a serious security incident at the Hospital involving a man aggressively wielding a 25cm kitchen knife, which forced everyone to be evacuated from the Emergency Department.”