Dyson Heppell injured his hand on a dinner plate.
Dyson Heppell injured his hand on a dinner plate. JULIAN SMITH

Heppell won't miss 'high-steaks' clash

DYSON Heppell says he will be playing against West Coast this week despite interruptions to his training because of a strange hand injury.

The Essendon skipper was defrosting a steak in a microwave oven on his birthday on Sunday when the accident happened.

"I went to grab the plate out of the microwave and dropped it, I got the fumbles," he said.

"I went to catch it again (but) the plate had smashed on the bench and it put a good gouge in my hand.

"I rang the doc straight away and he got a couple of stitches in there to fix the hand up, so all good."

Despite the mishap, Heppell said he would be good to go against the Eagles on Sunday at Etihad Stadium.

"No worries, I'll be cherry ripe (for Sunday)," he told the club's website.

"I've had the last couple of days just doing one-handed stuff.

"Main training on Thursday (I'll be) right to go then and ready to tear in on Sunday."