PEACEFUL: Mum Debbie with Ari , Instructor Dee Wilkinson and Mum Carli with Finn  enjoy one of the Deva Co classes.
PEACEFUL: Mum Debbie with Ari , Instructor Dee Wilkinson and Mum Carli with Finn enjoy one of the Deva Co classes. NEWSCORP

Health studio offers lets mums take time to unwind

SPECIALISING in pre and postnatal wellness, Deva Co is more than just a space for new mums.

The yoga, pilates and massage centre provides classes, counselling, healing and retreat days for all ages.

Owners Dee Wilkinson and Suzie McCarthy speak to us about Deva Co:

What inspired you to open your own business?

When we became mums we experienced some of the disconnect that new mothers can feel.

If we wanted to exercise, have a massage or attend a class we either had to rely on grandparents or go to a busy gym with a creche.

For years we had talked about there being a big gap in the type of support that was existing and what was needed.

We knew we wanted to create something special but had to wait for the time to be right so we could do it well.

What do you most enjoy about operating your own business?

We don't pretend parenthood is the picture-perfect experience social media leads us to believe.

A client having a rough day is encouraged to drop in, and just enjoy a yoga class - even if that means simply lying on the floor in child's pose.

If that's what it takes to make them feel connected again.

And that could be in a pre or post natal class, a seniors class or an absolute beginners class. We meet people where they're at with no judgement.

A lot of the time it takes great courage to try something new, but here at Deva Co we try to make it as comfortable as possible.

And that's why we are building such a strong community.

It's this connection and community that we love most.

What's the biggest advantage in operating a business in Tweed?

We have discovered Tweed to be an amazing village-like atmosphere, where everyone is friendly and welcoming.

In the super quick year that we have been open, we feel like we have connected with so many of our supportive neighbours.

We service a wide area with people coming from as far south as Byron and Lennox, and as far north as Nerang and Hollywell since we are easily located close to the highway.

For more information about Deva Co:

  • Visit 13 Greenway Dr, Tweed Heads South
  • Call 5607 0253
  • DevaCoLifestyleCentre