TASTY: Emma Peel, with son Byron Rees, makes a Water Kefir drinks range that aims to improve gut health.
TASTY: Emma Peel, with son Byron Rees, makes a Water Kefir drinks range that aims to improve gut health. Scott Powick

Gut instinct drives Emma to business breakthrough

DETERMINED to find a healthier lifestyle, Stokers Siding resident Emma Peel has forged her own path into the health industry with her unique range of fermented drinks.

Rainbow Living Probiotics is made with Water Kefir, which provides beneficial bacteria and food enzymes to improve overall gut health.

Emma was recently named as an Outstanding Young Entrepreneur finalist at the 2018 Business Excellence Tweed Shire Awards and is excited to continue her success by providing a wider range of drinks.

We chatted to Emma about Rainbow Living Probiotics.

What inspired you to open your own business?

The idea for Rainbow Living Probiotics had a simple and humble beginning during 2014 while I was living at Pottsville Beach.

A journey that began following personal needs for a lifestyle change to enhance my own well-being and to hopefully make something yummy enough that my partner and son would hopefully drink it, too.

The more I researched, the more I discovered how important gut health is to our entire body and overall well-being.

This led to my fascination with all things fermented but especially Water Kefir.

Why should people try kefir drinks?

There is a profound dynamic interaction between your gut, your brain and your immune system. Research shows it is vitally important for most people.

Rainbow Living Probiotics is a small, family-owned manufacturing business based in Stokers Siding in the beautiful Tweed Valley.

It's here that we make our signature Water Kefir, a delicious fermented probiotic gift from nature, hand-crafted with love and enhanced using certified organic ingredients.

We currently have two delicious flavours available, our original orange passionfruit and our newest addition, pineapple ginger, with more exciting flavours to come as we grow.

There are no added nasties and it's actually beneficial for your gut and overall health.

Our product is raw, dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan, full of probiotic bacteria, active enzymes, beneficial amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and is a living superfood.

Emma Peel and son Byron Rees make Kefir drinks.
TASTY: Emma Peel, with son Byron Rees, makes a Water Kefir drinks range that aims to improve gut health. Scott Powick

What do you most enjoy about operating your own business?

I enjoy operating a business where I can be passionate about what I'm doing. Water Kefir is genuinely amazing.

The product we create here, it aims to help people, not harm them like sugar-laden soft drinks and other commercially made options in the fridge.

The feedback I get from happy customers and how it is changing their lives, is its own reward.

Being a self-employed woman has had its challenges but is also really empowering, so, we can do anything.

Go for it, ladies.

What's the biggest challenge in operating a business in Tweed?

Some challenge has come from being relatively new to the world of business myself. I have had to learn along the way how to grow and manage a successful business with many trials and issues along the way.

With the help of a supportive family, I have been able to grow this incredible business by managing my own production, sales, deliveries, accounts, financials and future planning, so far with successful results.

Some transport and distribution issues have arisen due to my remote area and having a large delivery area to cover.

Getting my product and brand known and taken seriously in a competitive health industry and marketplace dominated by Kombucha has been a challenge and I am still overcoming this with hard work and persistence.

I intend to show the world the amazing benefits of Water Kefir.

Rainbow Living Probiotics are stocked in Tweed Shire, Northern Rivers and the Gold Coast.

For information contact:

  • www.facebook.com/rainbowlivingprobiotics
  • rainbowlivingprobiotics@gmail.com