Guilty verdict in body-in-barrel case

A JURY has rejected a self-defence story from a man who concreted his mate into a 44-gallon barrel at Esk and dumped him in the Caboolture River.

Anthony Charles Oliver, 39, was found guilty of murder, with the jury deliberating on his case for less than an hour on Thursday morning.

He was sentenced to life in jail for what Justice Margaret Wilson described as  "a brutal and cowardly act".

Oliver claimed he was forced to defend himself because Norman Desmond Cheney, 41, had poured petrol over him and tried to set him alight while they were in a car at Somerset Dam on December 20, 2010.

He then took the body to his sister's place at Esk where he concreted the body into the barrel.

He dumped the barrel in the Caboolture River but flood waters uncovered it.

Bushwalkers found the barrel, with face and legs exposed, on February 5, 2011.

The Crown suggested during closing addresses that Mr Oliver wanted Mr Cheney out of the picture so he could continue his three-year affair with wife Trichelle Cheney.

Oliver lived on the Sunshine Coast on and off for years.