FREE: Greens MP Dawn Walker is calling on the NSW Government to make TAFE free.
FREE: Greens MP Dawn Walker is calling on the NSW Government to make TAFE free.

Greens call for TAFE fees to be abolished in NSW

The NSW Greens are calling on the New South Wales Government to follow Victoria's commitment to abolish TAFE fees.

Earlier this week the Victorian Government announced it would abolish fees for more 30 TAFE courses and 18 pre-apprenticeships in their 2018 budget.

"The argument that it would be too expensive to abolish TAFE fees at a time when NSW returned a budget surplus $5.7 billion 2016/2017 is pure nonsense,” NSW Greens MP Dawn Walker said.

"The Greens are calling on both the NSW Government and the NSW Labor Party to match Victoria's lead and commit to making TAFE courses free for NSW students to help meet demand for key workers like mechanics, carpenters, plumbers, electricians and nurses.

"The Victorian Government have announced a bold plan that will save individual students thousands in course fees and address key skill shortages in that state by abolishing TAFE fees.”

"From January 2019, courses in everything from accounting and agriculture to concreting, construction and nursing will be free for Victorian students, while in NSW, students will continue to face unaffordable TAFE fees that have sky-rocketed under the Liberal-National Government.

" TAFE should be totally free, yet since the Liberal-Nationals came to power, we've seen funds to vocational education and training cut by $1.7 billion and course completion rates plummet by more than 50%, partly due to skyrocketing course fees.

"The Victorian Government's decision to make TAFE courses free is costed at $172 million, which is only quarter of the cost of the NSW Government's controversial relocation of the Powerhouse Museum, which is estimated to be $645 million.”