Trombone Kellie Gang will be playing at Twin Towns on Friday
Trombone Kellie Gang will be playing at Twin Towns on Friday Contributed

GIG GUIDE: Where to watch live music this week

THE TWEED is known across the country for having one of the liveliest and diverse live music scenes anywhere in Australia.

Up and down the coast, pubs and clubs across the region are bustling with excitment has touring bands and local legends hit the stage to entertain thousands every week.

The Tweed Daily News has your complete list each week to the best live gigs and acts across our region.

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Wednesday, May 1

Pottsville Beach Sport Club - Tommy Memphis 5.30pm

Twin Towns - Floorburners 1.30pm

Twin Towns - Dance On 6.30pm

Thursday, May 2

Twin Towns - Surf Report 6pm

Tweed Heads Bowls Club - RAFF De 6.30pm

Murwillumbah Services Club - Phil Guest 6pm

Burleigh Bears Leagues Club - Mr John 5.30pm

Friday, May 3

Twin Towns - Trombone Kellie Gang 4.30pm

Twin Towns - Undercover 9pm

Club Banora - Classic Gold 5.15pm

Tweed Heads Bowls Club - Jeff Camilleri 11am

Tweed Heads Bowls Club - The Classics 7.30pm

South Tweed Bowls Club - Point Blank 7pm

Kingscliff Beach Hotel - Nick Cunningham

Cabarita Sports Club - Bill Jacobi's Rouge Elements 7pm

Murwillumbah Services Club - Tangle 7.30pm

Pottsville Beach Sport Club - Kafoa McCoy 6.30pm

Burleigh Bears Leagues Club - Upstage 6.15pm

Burleigh Heads Bowls Club - Pete C and Dr Baz 7.30pm

Currumbin RSL - Raku 5pm

Currumbin RSL - Fat Albert Band 8pm

Riverview Hotel - Mason Rack 8pm

Seagulls Club - Street Cafe 8pm

Saturday, May 4

Twin Towns - SAT Raff 1.30pm

Twin Towns - The Best of the Bee Gees 8pm

Twin Towns - Undercover 9pm

Club Banora - The Hemis 7pm

Tweed Heads Bowls Club - Herman's Hermits Story 8pm

South Tweed Bowls Club - Hinterland Swing Band 2pm

South Tweed Bowls Club - Vanessa Sanger Duo 7pm

Kingscliff Beach Hotel - Allensworth 7pm

Cabarita Sports Club - Brett Healy Project 7.30pm

Chinderah Tavern - Tahlia Matheson 6.30pm

Murwillumbah Services Club - Merlin 6pm

Dolphins Harbourside Hotel - Magnetic Force 8pm

Burleigh Bears Leagues Club - Gemini 6pm

Burleigh Heads Bowls Club - Tickle and the Rift 6.30pm

Currumbin RSL - Jason McGregor 4pm

Currumbin RSL - Floorburners 8pm

Sheoak Shack - Ben Camden 2pm

Seagulls Club - Bongo Boys 8pm

Sunday, May 5

Twin Towns - Elephant Rock 1pm

Twin Towns -Jake Meywes Band 6pm

Club Banora - Dave J 3.30pm

Tweed Heads Bowls Club - Tommy Memphis 2pm

South Tweed Bowls Club - Mark Windle 12pm

Kingscliff Beach Hotel - Dan Clark Duo 3pm

Chinderah Tavern - Viper Room 2.30pm

Pottsville Tavern - Dan Hannaford 2.30pm

Brothers Cafe - Lemaire Live 12pm

Pottsville Beach Sport Club - Tracey Leigh 4pm

Burleigh Bears Leagues Club - Tommy Memphis 2.30pm

Burleigh Heads Bowls Club - Clint White 2.30pm

Currumbin RSL - Lily Budiasa 1pm

Currumbin RSL - Bonnie Kellett 4pm

Riverview Hotel - Sarah Grant 2.30pm