Heavy traffic can be managed if everyone plans for the 2018 Commonwealth Games.
Heavy traffic can be managed if everyone plans for the 2018 Commonwealth Games. John McCutcheon

Getting ready for the 2018 Games

TWEED businesses are being encouraged to start planning for the changing traffic conditions during the Commonwealth Games sooner rather than later.

Speaking to the Kingscliff and District Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday, City of Gold Coast's technical director Rose McArthur said it was essential for businesses to start thinking of ways to reduce, re-time, re-route or use remote travel services for the duration of the 2018 Games, from April 4-15, 2018.

"During that period of the Games, you can forget business as usual,” Ms McArthur said.

"It's not going to be anything like business as usual and that's what I need you all to plan for.”

Ms McArthur said people should consider reducing their transport by 30 per cent during the games to improve traffic delays.

"What we need is for everyone to make a 30 per cent change in traffic volumes on the coast and on the M1 for the duration of the Games,” she said.

"To keep your businesses moving, to keep getting staff in and staff out, deliveries in and out, to enjoy the games, to make them a success, to keep the Gold Coast in the news for sport and not transport, you really will need to be doing something a little different during the Games.”

Ms McArthur said businesses should be aware of the core Games route and plan around possible impacts to their deliveries and transport usages.

"The Games route network is a mandatory part of the planning,” she said.

"You've got to have a method to get the athletes to the venues.

"The Games route network will be incredibly busy.”

Businesses can create a travel plan at a free travel advice workshop.

To book, visit www.getsetforthegames.com.