OOH LA LA: Nimrod Baker and Susannah Hust from Cubby Bakehouse in Chinderah.
OOH LA LA: Nimrod Baker and Susannah Hust from Cubby Bakehouse in Chinderah. Scott Powick

Getting baguette to basics: French bakery opens in Chinderah

IT'S been 100 years since the smell of freshly baked goods wafted through the streets of Chinderah.

Opening on Wednesday after a lengthy renovation of the old newsagency, Cubby Bakehouse owners Ursula and Ben Watts know a thing or two about baking.

The pair is responsible for the popular Bam Bam Bakehouse and Paddock Bakery on the Gold Coast and are excited to start their new venture south of the border.

Travelling to France to learn the art of the baguette, Mr and Mrs Watts have been honing their skills to bring the best to Chinderah.

We chatted to Mrs Watts about Cubby Bakehouse:

Why did you decide to specialise in the baguette?

When we had Paddock Bakery, which we've since sold, the nucleus for that to get people there was the wood-fired sour dough and the nucleus at Bam Bam is the croissant and I guess for down here we've tried to create a new experience for everyone to enjoy, with the nucleus being the baguette.

We're trying to have our best possible crack at recreating that French baguette.

We've done the training and we actually flew the baker who we did the training with over in France out to Australia.

You'll see the baguette through the whole menu.

And then it's a bit of curve ball but we've also got the Vietnamese banh mi (roll) so we wanted to bring together that French and Vietnamese style.

Why did you choose to open a store on the Tweed?

There's something about Chinderah that we love. It's a bit slower than the Gold Coast.

We even bought a house here and decided we wanted to put something here that we could be proud of, like the bakery.


Cubby Bakehouse is open 5.30am-2.30pm Wednesday to Sunday and plans to expand to a seven-day week operation

Where: 162 Chinderah Bay Dr, Chinderah

Phone: 07 5526 5218

Visit their Facebook page.