Lady Gaga was the standout star among the performances at Joe Biden's presidential inauguration, delivering a stirring rendition of the US national anthem.

And Gaga also stole the show with her typically OTT fashion - a Star Wars-meets-Hunger Games ensemble teaming a giant voluminous red skirt with French braids and an oversized gold brooch.

The brooch was a dove holding an olive branch, symbolising peace, as Gaga herself explained:

… But more than a few fans felt it reminded them of the 'Mockingjay' symbol from the popular Hunger Games franchise:

Earlier, The Washington Post reported that Donald Trump was "particularly upset" that stars like Gaga and J Lo had been booked to perform or attend at Biden's inauguration.

Trump and Gaga have a chequered history, with the President launching a bizarre public feud against the popular singer during the final stages of last year's election campaign, publicly badmouthing her at rallies after she threw her support behind Joe Biden.


Originally published as Gaga explains bizarre inauguration outfit