A fire alarm activation at Twin Towns has left patrons lost with what to do.
A fire alarm activation at Twin Towns has left patrons lost with what to do.

Fire alarm at border service club leaves customers scrambling

A fire alarm activation a popular club has left customers scrambling for what to do.

In a letter to the Minister of Emergency Services, patron Gary detailed the occasions he had been to the Twin Town Services Club on Wharf Street when the fire alarm was activated.

“Many of us patrons have asked staff ‘what is going on’ and ‘what would you advise us to do in regards to the fire alarm’,” he said.

“On every occasion the staff did not know what their responsibilities were on activation of a fire alarm, so there was no action or direction from Staff, this even included Senior Managers.

“This is unacceptable in a licence club such as Twin Towns.

“Do we have to wait until many losses of life occur before action is taken, to ensure both the patrons and staff safety?”

Twin Towns CEO Rob Smith responded to the letter, explaining what had occurred on the evening of April 4 when the club experienced a fire alarm.

Twin Towns Club CEO Rob Smith.
Twin Towns Club CEO Rob Smith.

“On the afternoon of the 4th the alarm did not at any time escalate to an evacuation event,” Mr Smith said.

“Many customers are unfamiliar with the automated escalation configuration of the systems and assume an alarm automatically requires and evacuation.

“Once the warning alarm sounded the Manager proceeded to the FIP room and over two way radio instructed Assistant Wardens to proceed to the area of the alarm notification.

“They radioed back that there was no signs of a fire in the location.”

He said at this time the local fire brigade had arrived and assumed control of the event before terminating the alarm.

He said during an event communication as directed one way initiated by the Chief Warden and at the direction of the brigade as per protocols.

“We know customers would welcome the club staff to consistently state that everything is OK rather than please stand by for further information, but we respect and defer to the Brigade‘s instruction that only they can proclaim and the announce an all clear,” Mr Smith said.

“Some patrons do find this disconcerting.”

He said if any patron during an alarm event felt uncomfortable they were always able to leave the property t anytime regardless of waiting for instruction.

“We operate a highly compliant business and undertake ongoing training at every level within the organisation to ensure best practice responses in all emergency planning,” Mr Smith said.

He said he would welcome any review of the response of the event on April 4.