Police are investigating a man's rampage through Murwillumbah's CBD.
Police are investigating a man's rampage through Murwillumbah's CBD. Trevor Veale

'Fight me': teen caught up in M'bah rampage

A TEEN walking through the streets of Murwillumbah was among those caught up in a man's alleged rampage yesterday afternoon.

Police were called to Sunnyside Mall about 5.30pm, later locating a man who was believed to have damaged several shops throughout the town.

One father, who asked not to be named, said his 16-year-old son was walking near Alma St, South Murwillumbah, when a man approached him, attempting to start a fight.

He said the man was holding a bottle of alcohol and raised his middle finger at the teen.

"He was confronted by the bloke," he said.

"He got right up in his face. He said "f****ing fight me"... he came after him, screaming that he was going to bash him."

After ducking through a number of alleyways, the teen was able to escape unharmed, but was rattled by the incident, his father said.

"He was quite shaken up," he said.

The man, suffering lacerations to his arm, was taken to Murwillumbah Hospital after the incident.

Charges are yet to be laid in relation to the incident.

A KFC spokesman said while their restaurant sustained some damage, no staff or patrons were harmed.

"We are relieved that no one was injured as a result of the recent incident, which occurred at KFC Murwillumbah," he said.

"The manager on duty contacted the police and has been cooperating with them during their investigation.

"Due to the damage that occurred to the restaurant, the decision was made to close while repairs were made."

He said the restaurant had since reopened.

A spokeswoman for Donut King confirmed the chain's Sunnyside Mall cafe was also affected by the incident.

She said while staff were shaken, no one was injured and they were "all okay".

Two of the cafe's chairs were damaged.

Police are continuing to investigate.