WORRIED: Concerns remain over the damage ILS works could cause.
WORRIED: Concerns remain over the damage ILS works could cause. Gold Coast Airport

Fight against ILS not over as Alliance left 'devastated'

A COMMUNITY group is considering legal options to continue further appeals of the Gold Coast Airport instrument landing system after the Administrative Appeals Tribunal failed to address key concerns.

Lindy Smith, of the Tugun Cobaki Alliance, said the tribunal made its final determination on the ILS last week and the group had found its decision "extremely disappointing”.

The approval included permission for a service road in Crown reserve which Ms Smith said would harm the environment and might pave the way for an additional runway down the track.

"It was a devastating outcome,” she said. "It will have massive impacts on the Tweed River system and (the damage) will be irreversible.

"The proposed - what I call a wall - but it is the air-side perimeter road along three-quarters of the length of that Crown reserve and the last remaining floodplain, it will irreversibly impact on the hydrological regimes of that estuarine eco-system.”

Ms Smith said the group was investigating whether it had additional legal options available.

The airport has repeatedly denied any plans to install an additional runway.

Airservices Australia announced on March 3 it expected the new landing system to come into use from mid-2018.

The ILS is expected to provide vertical and horizontal guidance to pilots when landing in low visibility weather conditions, reducing flight delays and diversions, according to Airservices.

Ms Smith said the flight path for the ILS would also cause major disruption for communities north of the airport.

She said residents who had never had to live with noise associated with flight paths would be affected.

A number of community groups had called on the Administrative Appeals Tribunal to address concerns it had with a previous approval of the ILS.