The Pottsville and District Men's Shed have a meeting at Black Rocks sports field.
The Pottsville and District Men's Shed have a meeting at Black Rocks sports field. Aisling Brennan

Fears over safety at Men's Shed

POTTSVILLE and District Men's Shed members have shared their concerns for their safety.

Tweed Shire Council is currently deciding whether to approve a five-year lease to the Men's Shed to relocate from their current workshop at Pottsville Beach Public School to the controversial Black Rocks sports field site.

Pottsville Men's Shed president Michael Ryan said he was concerned for the safety of the men if they were forced to continue working in such a small building.

"The issue is that the building that we're in at the school is no longer suitable,” Mr Ryan said.

"I shudder because there's gentlemen here that have never used or have never been around machinery.

"I've spent my life in workshops and I will not tolerate unsafe conditions. I've got all of my fingers and I want to keep them.”

Councillors Chris Cherry and Warren Polglase attended the meeting last Thursday at the Black Rocks site in Pottsville.

Cr Cherry said council was taking its time to make a decision because of the implications of the site.

"We're trying to make the best decision for the whole community, not just for the group,” Cr Cherry said.

"You're reliant on the council of the time every five years. That's fine if you're in a non-contentious site like Tweed Heads but if you're in a contentious site like this, there's going to be problems.”

Cr Polglase disagreed and said the Black Rocks site was the only option for relocation and explained the alternative sties either had native title restrictions or fire management problems.

"The general management is trying to find the middle of the road but there's none,” Cr Polglase said.