Father snaps, assaults kids with fists and boots

A BAD break-up and accusations of bullying drove a father to snap and assault two young children the day before they moved out of his home.

The defendant pleaded guilty in Rockhampton Magistrates Court Tuesday to two counts of assault.

Police prosecutor Jess King said the two young victims were at the defendant's home about 4pm on May 3, 2018, packing up their rooms to move out due their mother and the man ending their relationship.

Ms King said the first victim, aged 12, asked his younger half-brother for help cleaning his room, who refused.

The defendant entered the room and accused him of bullying his half-brother, which he denied and swore at the defendant, causing him to snap and hit the victim on his right hip with his hand.

The victim told the defendant to go away and continued packing clothes into boxes, however he crouched behind him and put him into a headlock, restricting his movements, and pushed his forehead to the ground before leaving.

The second victim, aged 15, heard banging and found the first victim lying on the floor crying.

Ms King said the second victim confronted the defendant and said, "we are only here for another day, why would you do that?".

A verbal argument broke out and the defendant pushed the second victim into an inbuilt fish tank and then pushed his left forearm against his chest, continuing to yell and scream at him.

The defendant raised his right fist above the second victim's head and said, "I am going to punch you, is this what you want?", to which the victim replied, "if you are going to do it, you might as well".

He then punched the second victim in the forehead and as he loosened his grip the victim retaliated by punching him in the jaw.

The defendant then picked up his work boot and threw it at the second victim, which missed, and then threw his work bag at the first victim, which hit him in the chest, before leaving the house.

Defence lawyer Pierre Lannersdorf said there were problems between his two step sons and biological son, including a bullying allegation.

He said the defendant was not proud of his behaviour.

Magistrate Cameron Press said the defendant's actions represented a lack of anger management control that he must address.

The defendant was ordered to probation for two years with no criminal conviction recorded.