Elliot throws cold water on government over drought

AS POLITICIANS inspect drought-stricken areas across the state over the past week, growing irritation against the government has led to criticism form across the floor of parliament.

Richmond MP Justine Elliot told the Tweed Daily News this week the blame for the suffering of many Australians - including those on the North Coast of NSW - should be placed at the feet of the federal government.

The Labor MP said inaction over the past six years had led to frustration and no results for battling property owners.

"Despite being in office for six years this Liberal National Government has failed to act beyond establishing a range of committees and positions," Mrs Elliot said.

"We've had a Drought Envoy, a Drought Coordinator, a Drought Task Force and a Drought Summit.

"Now we're told the Morrison Government will establish a Water Grid Authority.

"Rural Australia does not need committees or taskforces; it needs help to endure one of the most serious challenges to the viability of some of our great inland towns and regional centres."

With the drought tightening its grip on regional communities across the country, the issue has become one of the hottest in federal politics.

Mrs Elliot said time was being wasted by the Prime Minister and his team.

"We are all concerned by the reports of towns locally and nationally, facing the possibility of running out of water, and by the potential for suffering and loss," she said.

"After six years of inaction on water security, the Morrison Liberal National Government continues to waste time when communities are running out of water.

"Communities like ours on the North Coast rightly blame the Nationals for the mismanagement of our precious water resources.

"Our regional communities need real and urgent action in relation to water and the drought crisis."