Elliot calls on government to ensure Virgin’s viability

THE importance of a two-airline system in Australia and the crucial role they play in the tourism industry has prompted a Federal Labor MP to call on the Federal Government to ensure their viability.

Richmond MP Justine Elliot said the local tourism industry had already suffered a series of blows.

Ms Elliot said the bushfires late last year and COVID-19 had an impact on international visitors as far back as January this year as well as travel restrictions affecting domestic tourism.


MP Justine Elliot.
MP Justine Elliot.

"Australia needs a two-airline system to ensure that access is given to regional areas like ours on the North Coast," she said.

"Our local economy has already suffered a series of blows as a result of coronavirus and we cannot afford a further hit by losing Virgin Australia.

"It is so important for our local economy with so many local jobs at risk; local pilots, flight attendants, clerical staff and those who work at the Gold Coast Airport and support businesses there."