Matthew Fraser with supporters in Bangalow.
Matthew Fraser with supporters in Bangalow. Facebook

Election 2019: Fraser to fight until the very end

NATIONALS candidate Matthew Fraser says he will fight until polling booths close at 6pm tonight in his bid to win the seat of Richmond.

Labor MP Justine Elliot is the favourite to retain the seat she has held since 2004 but has never won the popular vote, with Greens preferences helping her get over the line.

This election, she faces strong opposition from Mr Fraser and Greens candidate Michael Lyon.

Mr Fraser, who was in Ballina this morning before he travelled to Bangalow, said there was a "mood" in the community to get rid of Mrs Elliot who "has been warming the seat for 17 years now".

"Everyone is petrified about Labor coming in, certainly Bill Shorten at that with their high taxing agenda, their proposed death tax and the big raid on their superannuation and the retiree tax," he said.

"I've had more people than ever before say they've always voted for Labor but they're not going to take it anymore."


National's candidate for Richmond Matthew Fraser and Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack were in the Tweed on Monday morning.
National's candidate for Richmond Matthew Fraser and Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack. Rick Koenig

Mr Fraser, who is now running as a candidate in Richmond for the third time, said he would keep fighting until 6pm tonight and had received "overwhelming" support.

"Lets pray that Bill Shorten does not enter the lodge because if he does, it will literally be the case where seniors will have to line up Monday and get pensions because they're ripping away so much money from independent retirees, it's an absolute disgrace," he said.

Mr Fraser thanked his volunteers for the mammoth effort they had put in during his campaign.

"I just want to say a big thank you to all of the volunteers who have put so much time, energy and effort into the last three weeks of pre-polling and the tremendous effort they're putting in today," he said.