Egypt's president Morsi remains defiant after coup

MOHAMED Morsi, who has been ousted by the army after a week of bloodshed and massive protests, insists he remains Egypt's president in an amateur video recording posted on the internet.

"I am the elected president of Egypt,'' the Islamist politician said in the video uploaded to YouTube.

"It is now demanded of the people to defend this legitimacy and ... for legitimacy to be constitutional,'' he added in reference to his election a year ago and a constitutional referendum in December.

The army toppled Morsi this morning, Australian time.

The announcement, made on state television by Morsi's own defence minister, armed forces chief General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, drew a rapturous welcome from the protesters who have camped out on the streets of Cairo for days.

Sisi also announced a freezing of the Islamist-drafted constitution and early presidential elections.

Thousands of people immediately took to the streets of the capital to celebrate, cheering, whistling, letting off firecrackers, and honking car horns in joyous scenes.

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