Up to 12 drivers a day are speeding through an intersection where twins Grace and Jessica Hornby died.
Up to 12 drivers a day are speeding through an intersection where twins Grace and Jessica Hornby died.

Drivers ignore blackspot camera where twin girls died

AN OBVIOUS speed camera, warning signs and a tragic history of four deaths are not enough to stop some motorists from speeding through a notorious blackspot.

Sunshine Coast Road Policing Unit officers are frustrated that drivers are still choosing to speed through the intersection of Blackall St and Nambour Connection Rd at Woombye.

A fixed speed camera was installed at the intersection just over a year ago.

Police say up to 12 drivers a day are caught speeding through the intersection.

The camera was placed at the site where five-year-old twins Jessica and Grace Hornby, their grandmother and another man were killed in a crash in 2009.

A 70kmh speed limit was introduced after the tragedy.

But Sunshine Coast Road Policing Unit acting officer-in-charge Dave Nelson said while the camera had been an effective tool in reducing speed, some motorists had not learnt from the tragic past.

Police allege one motorist was caught travelling 55kmh over the speed limit, waving his middle finger at the camera as he sped through.

"People need to remember those cameras are on 24 hours a day, and it is all digital back to police in Brisbane," Snr Sgt Nelson said.

"If people continue to speed, there could be a review and traffic lights could instead be installed.

"People are still not taking responsibility for their own actions and are blaming the camera being a revenue raiser, but this is to make people slow down.

"We have had four people die there and we don't want anyone else killed.

"It's extremely frustrating and disappointing to see people are not taking responsibility and still speeding.

"The cameras have been effective and have slowed motorists down, but it only takes a minority of speeding motorists to take someone's life."

Snr Sgt Nelson said Nambour State School and Nambour Connection Rd near Wilks Rd were among the worst spots for speeding in the Nambour area.