LETTER: 'Don't condemn us welfare recipients'

WITH the ongoing and current government outcry on the blowout of the welfare system, perhaps its time to put up some "facts".

Being on a service pension means that our income is, to say the least, limited.

Now, on doing simple calculations, we find that we pay more tax than the large and smaller companies and, of course, politicians.

As is known workers, businesses, large and small, corporations and politicians can and do claim work-related expenses, whereas we pensioners have no recourse to this.

But you do not pay tax (income below the taxable threshold) We pay GST.

On our latest estimate we paid in excess of $1700 in GST for the current year.

This is on a pension income and, in comparison to the millions and billions of dollars income of corporations etc, we pay more tax.

So don't keep trying to "bleed" or condemn the welfare recipients.

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