Doctor praised for saving local mothers lives

THUMBS UP: TO Dr Goldman who saved my lady Rachel Lee Morris, just on 17 years ago I got a call from the hospital that I need to get there asap as she was in there due to complications with the birth of our fifth daughter.

She was bleeding to death (she actually died a few times on the operating table).

This was her fifth caesarian when she was only 24-years old.

She had her ovaries removed (hysterectomy) and she survived.

Our last baby was premature, she had steroids injections and also survived.

In the almost 17years since my lady has blossomed. She is an angel.

She helps everybody and anybody. She takes vulnerable kids in for periods of time to help them get back on their feet and on the right path. She is tireless.

She jumps out of a deep sleep to help whoever needs/asks for help.

There is too much to mention that she does, she does everything and does not ask for anything in return.

Thank you Dr Goldman, from the deepest part of my heart.

As for our baby....she is our little Wonder Woman.

Daniel Hoskins


Reply on Facebook: He saved my life twice. On my first pregnancy as well as our eldest daughter was way to big to deliver normally and luckily for me he popped in the delivery room before heading home..I was in labour for over 24 hours with not much progress in dilating and other he did an emergency c-section. I'm forever grateful to Dr Peter Goldman.

Rachel Lee Morris


THUMBS DOWN:TO the man that thought he had the right of way on the Hogbin Dr Airport roundabout and almost collided with me.

Next time if you're in the lane that indicates you must turn left into the airport you do so.

It's not an extra lane to drive through the roundabout. Luckily for you mate I was quick enough to slam on my brakes to avoid a collision.

Moira Pratt


THUMBS DOWN: TO the persons who put expanding foam in my exhaust pipe in sapphire beach. Nearly destroying $15k and three months worth of work.

Josh Sketchley


THUMBS UP: TO all the awesome volunteers giving up their time around the region to help raise money for Legacy during Badge Week.

A big thumbs up to everyone who also bought any Legacy merchandise, your support is greatly appreciated.

Legacy is amazing charity & a very vital service for many.

Belle Chapple


THUMBS DOWN: TO Kim Jung Un's fitness instructor. Watching goose-stepping military parades will not help him lose weight. There's a sick irony in there somewhere!

Lynette F Hyde


THUMBS UP: TO the awesome young woman who parked next to me in Aldi carpark on a Thursday and saw I had trouble with my boot lid on my Toyota, wouldn't shut.

Straight away offered to help and got very greasy doing it, but managed to get it shut so I could get home, thanks again lovely also thanks to Woolgoolga Auto Service for fixing it no charge.

Brenda Ebel


THUMBS UP: TO Maggie's dog cafe for serving me some exceptional avo on toast today while my mutt played in the dog yard and to the lovely couple that moved so we could sit down next to our dog.

Krissi Goldspink


THUMBS UP:TO SMS Strata Coffs for your professionalism and knowledge. Always going above and beyond. Thank you.

Jo Ford


THUMBS UP: TO Woolgoolga Art Gallery volunteers who put on another great Lilli Pilli Arts Festival.

It was a great opening night with so many wonderful artists and photographers showing their talent.

Dianne Weeks


THUMBS UP: TO the Coffs Harbour Cake And Sugar Artists for putting on a fantastic demonstration day. Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea as well as four demonstrations, all for a very cheap price. A day to put in your diary for 2019.

Sheree Wright


THUMBS DOWN: TO the inconsiderate unmindful dog owners who neglect to pick up their dog's excrement along South Wall. Spoilt my Sunday Morning walk. How hard is it when there are doggie bags provided at the beginning of the walk? Don't spoil it for other dog owners who do the right thing.

Elizabeth Walker


THUMBS UP: TO the kids walking the Woolgoolga Industrial area selling things for Legacy.

Very professional sales approach

Great work kids.

Michael Mje


THUMBS UP: TO the random act of kindness by the man who dropped off 24 cans of soft drink to the Bunnings BBQ on Saturday when we ran out. Your gesture showed the Coffs Harbour Under 14 Girls Basketball team how amazing our local community can be.

Tracey Moore


THUMBS UP: TO the staff at Repco. Always go the extra mile to help out with my purchases and advice on installing things myself. Thank you, it saves me a load of money.

Rayne Boe


Reply on Facebook: Just as I'm reading this an add for Repco comes on the tv. Lol.

Kerry Maree Hiscox


Reply on Facebook: I was actually in the store, I totally agree it was a good positive customer service experience

Wayne Humphreys.


THUMBS UP: BIG thumbs up to staff at RMS Coffs. Always so very friendly and helpful.

Danielle Timothy


Reply on Facebook: I'm disabled and when I went in there to renew my licence plus get a replacement disability permit, I found the staff to be exceptional. One helped me when I went to sit for a photo the young lady at the entrance was very helpful and while waiting for community transport a staff member came over to see if he could do anything for me.

I was stoked with their service, thanks RMS.

Jilly Crilly


THUMBS UP: TO Cafe In The Valley Ulong. What a wonderful cafe and beautiful host Katie.

Jennifer Tully


Reply on Facebook: Our pleasure! Glad you had a great day visiting beautiful Ulong.

Katie Sibio


Reply on Facebook: Great place, awesome family.

Trish Dunn


THUMBS UP: TO the organisers of Nexus Con, great fun day.

Ian White


THUMBS UP: TO all the volunteers who volunteer their time in the Coffs Harbour area.

Anne Elizabeth Rose


THUMBS UP: TO whoever the idiots were that did the doughnuts at the deep sea fishing club on the front lawn.

Jake Long


THUMBS UP: TO to all the child care educators. Each and everyone of you deserve to be paid a decent wage for the amazing work you do.

Kim Nicolson


THUMBS DOWN: TO the drivers around town and on the highway that don't put their headlights on around dusk and when its raining. Other drivers need to see you.

Paula Smith


THUMBS UP: TO Ally at the Optus shop in the plaza, so wonderful, especially after thumbs down to the (another store) who completely ignored us.

Carla Allen


THUMBS UP: TO Bridgette Vartiainen, Tianda Williams and the staff at Lalaland Moonee Beach for starting the weekly Biz Brekkie meeting. What a fantastic initiative supporting local people in their small businesses! Thank you ladies! Love your work.

Sharon Galway


Reply on Facebook: Aww shucks. Thanks Sharon.

Lalaland Moonee Beach


THUMBS UP: TO all those involved in repairing the pathways over Arrawarra Headland providing a much safer access to the beautiful views of our coast.

Sharon Shuttleworth


THUMBS DOWN: TO the person who took our recycling bin, during the day. Massive inconvenience to a family of five.

Megan Bridges


THUMBS UP: TO the best Super Hero's Party Ever, held on September 1 at the East Boambee Hall.

David Cooper


THUMBS UP: TO the R U Ok morning at Market Square. Very informative. Great cause.

Debbie Armstrong


THUMBS DOWN: TO the exorbitant prices the Coffs Harbour waste depot charges to dump your rubbish, no wonder there is so much illegal dumping everywhere.

Vicki Hewitt


THUMBS UP: TO the Urunga Laundromat. What a great service you provide to our community. Thank you.

Jo Ford