Raspberry Pi-powered RC Tank
Raspberry Pi-powered RC Tank ianrenton.com

DIY Raspberry Pi: Raspberry RC Tank

Project: Raspberry Tank

By: Ian Renton

Key Ingredients:

1 x Heng Long 1:16 scale Tiger I tank
1 x Bootable Raspberry Pi
1 x Toolkit including hex keys
1 x Soldering Iron

See how to build Ian's Raspberry Pi-powered tank.

It's a rare gadget geek that hasn't at some point wanted an RC Tank trundling around their office firing BB pellets at the unguarded ankles of wailing innocents.

It's also a rare gadget geek that wouldn't gaze upon such an instrument of destruction and pray to the RC gods for more power and more control.

Fortunately the combination of a Heng Long 1:16 Tiger I tank and the Raspberry Pi answers those prayers.

Even if you're unable to find the exact model of tank Ian's used, the process and pitfalls should be instructive for anyone trying to accomplish similar miniaturised munitions manufacturing.