Deaths in Egypt prompt renewed travel warning to Aussies

AUSSIES have been warned to avoid travelling to Egypt amid riots in recent days which have left at least 16 people dead and 700 injured.

Foreign Minister Bob Carr sent the second urgent warning in two days urging Australians to reconsider travel to the Mid-East country.

The Australian Government travel warning for the country was elevated to the second-highest ranking "reconsider your travel" on Wednesday.

Mr Carr said any Australians thinking of going to Egypt should postpone their trip, and those already there should consider leaving.

"Large and sometimes violent protests have occurred in major cities, including Cairo, and there are reports that further rallies are planned," he said.

"Our strong advice to all Australians in Egypt is to avoid involvement in street protests, even as an observer."

Mr Carr said all Australians should be particularly aware to void Tahrir Square, in Cairo, where the largest protests have been held.

There have been no reports of Australians injured or killed, but more than 700 people have been injured during protests in Cairo since June 28.

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