Create warmth with vintage-style light bulbs.
Create warmth with vintage-style light bulbs. efetova

Cost-effective hacks bring high-class style to your home

It's not always about the money - some of the most stylish homes are created with a little daring and imagination. These home hacks can make a big difference for a small spend.

1. Use brass, gold or silver upholstery studs to trim furniture such as sofas, armchairs and dining-room chairs.

2. You know those decorative ceiling medallions with the light hung from the centre? Apply the same idea to doors, with the doorknob centred on the medallion.

3. Rather than matching fabric to tie back curtains, use long, decorative necklaces as curtain sashes.

4. Anything put in front of a mirror will be doubled, so make the most of this visual phenomenon and position a lamp or a vase of flowers for twice the effect.

5. Rather than paying for a bedhead, make your own with solid board cut to size, padding, lush fabric and upholstery studs. Or use a carved wooden screen.

6. You can now buy a variety of bookcases and shelving to fit anywhere, allowing you to use any dead wall space for displaying books and ornaments.

7. Paint the tiled floors in the bathroom or splashback tiles in the kitchen in a bold design using waterproof paint.

8. Hide electrical wiring by placing it behind furniture, or use strategically placed gift boxes.

9. Rather than stark lighting, create an intimate glow by replacing exposed light bulbs with vintage-inspired bulbs.