Coronavirus news special: All you need to know


AUSSIES are being urged to dob in mates who fail to self-isolate because of coronavirus with those in NSW facing fines of more than $5000.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says all people arriving in Australia would be required to self-isolate for 14 days.

"If your mate has been to Bali and they come back and they turn up to work, and they are sitting next to you, they will be committing an offence," Mr Morrison said.

The appeal comes as there have been two cases confirmed in northern NSW.

There have also been a string of major event cancellations, with the latest being Bluesfest.

What to do if the virus has cancelled your event

To cope with the looming crisis, Australia is changing how intensive care units are configured and stepping up social isolation measures as the country moves into the next phase of coronavirus containment.

One of the biggest questions facing many parents is why schools are not being closed.

Closing schools would not helping contain the coronavirus because students were not required to self-isolate when they were sent home, public health expert Professor Paul Van Buynder said.

He said there could be 'hordes' of teens catching up with each other in the shopping malls rather than staying at home.

The confusion over schools has sparked a heated clash between Scott Morrison and Today host Karl Stefanovic.

In other news this morning, Sonny Bill Williams' rugby league team has isolated four players after showing signs of the coronavirus.

On the lighter side, as panic buyers strip supermarket shelves of non-perishable goods, it appears there's one food item they would rather do without.

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