CONCERN: Residents are worried about a proposal to use bigger trucks for water extraction.
CONCERN: Residents are worried about a proposal to use bigger trucks for water extraction. Contributed

Community's plea to limit water extraction trucks

THE Tweed Water Alliance is petitioning against a Tweed Shire Council decision to trial larger water tankers for water extraction purposes at a Kunghur business.

The local traffic committee late last year recommended council permit 25-metre B-double trucks for the purpose of transporting water through Uki and Murwillumbah.

The application, which was submitted by Black Mount Pty Ltd on behalf of Mount Warning Spring Water, is seeking approval to increase the size of the water tankers currently in use.

Tweed Water Alliance spokesperson Jeremy Tager said the traffic committee should have consulted with the local community before supporting the application.

"If it's being recommended by a traffic committee without proper consultation that's poor management by the traffic committee," Mr Tager said.

"Their argument was that it was just a traffic issue without talking to the community and understanding why it harms the quality of life in quiet places.

"The council needs to be aware that this is an important issue in the community."

Mr Tager said the action group, which was set up in early 2017 to protest against a series of water extraction development applications across the shire, was concerned the increased truck size conflicted with the amount of water allowed to be extracted in the company's original DA.

"Our argument is that it needs to be changed in the DA because if they're using bigger trucks they will be exceeding their (allotted) amounts," he said.

"This application came from Black Mount using the address of Mount Warning Spring Water. That should be a sufficient basis for the DA to be amended."

Mr Tager said the community was showing its support for the alliance's stance on water extraction and encouraged people to sign the group's petition.

"There's that general comment of noise, vibration, road damage and increased risk for pedestrians and schoolchildren, and road damage," Mr Tager said.

"We're getting quite an amazing response. Within three days we had almost 500 people sign the petition."

For more information or sign the petition, visit: