One of the Rockhampton Zoo's five chimpanzees.
One of the Rockhampton Zoo's five chimpanzees.

Chimpanzee breaks bullet-proof glass at the Rockhampton Zoo

A CHIMPANZEE has managed to break one layer of bullet-proof glass at the Rockhampton Zoo's main enclosure last night.

The Rockhampton Regional Council's Parks, Recreation and Sport Committee chairwoman Cherie Rutherford said one of four panes was damaged, and the section was cordoned off while repair work was undertaken.  

The work was completed this morning.

Council cannot confirm allegations from a local resident that a group of kids had been aggravating the chimpanzees before the incident occurred.

The resident - whose name has been withheld - alleged one of the children threw a stick at the enclosure.

The broken section was the inner layer of a four-layer toughened glass, which is used at the enclosure.

Cr Rutherford said none of the chimps were hurt.

She said the chimps were housed in the old enclosure while repair work was done and were still viewable to the community during this time.

The zoo houses five chimpanzees, Cassie, Holly, Samantha, Alon and Leakey.

Cr Rutherford said zoo keepers advised there were some current hierarchal tensions among the chimp group.

She said as the damaged glass was on the inner side of the enclosure there was no risk to visitors in the vicinity at the time of the incident.

It appeared business as usual this morning, with plenty of families gathering around the enclosure during feeding time just after 11am.

Cr Rutherford said the zoo was a popular attraction throughout the year, and particularly now with the school holidays and fine weather.

Did you know:

  • The Rockhampton Zoo has feeding shows daily.  These include:
  • Otters at  2.30pm
  • Bird Flight Aviary at  2.45pm
  • Chimpanzee at 3pm
  • Lorikeet at 3.15pm
  • Koala Talk at  3.20pm