SERVICES TO CHEW ON: Northern Rivers Denture Clinic prosthetist Paul Hargrave.
SERVICES TO CHEW ON: Northern Rivers Denture Clinic prosthetist Paul Hargrave. Scott Powick

Bracing for a new service

THE team at Northern Rivers Denture Clinic, who have been operating out of the same building in Tweed Heads for 46 years, recently introduced the first mobile denture clinic in the shire.

Operated by fifth-generation Tweed resident Paul Hargrave and his partner Simone, the couple love living in the region and count themselves blessed to do so.

We chat to Simone and Paul about their business:

Tell us a bit about the history of the business.

Northern Rivers Denture Clinic is the longest established clinic in the Tweed region, with Paul Hargrave as head prosthetist.

The clinic was first opened in 1972 as Eckerick Dental Laboratory and has been in the same building for 46 years. Paul has more than 35 years' experience in the dental industry. We have a team of six staff consisting of dental technicians, dental prosthetist, dental nurse and marketing manager and finance manager.

What services do you offer?

We offer a range of dentures at realistic rates to suit all budgets. One of our most popular dentures is the ThermoSens denture. This material is virtually unbreakable, stain resistant, flexible and is best suited for partial dentures. For full upper and lower dentures, the very popular Ivoclar Ivocap Injection system provides superior fit, improved strength and reduces odor-causing plaque and bacteria. We construct, repair and maintain all dentures on site. We also offer same-day repairs, relines and additions.

Why have you decided to begin Tweed's first mobile denture clinic?

Generations of patients have been coming to Northern Rivers Denture Clinic since its inception in 1972. Many concerns have been raised about preserving the continuity of care. Paul and I felt the loyalty and trust of these patients should be rewarded. To that end, the idea of providing a mobile service to those who could no longer attend the clinic was developed.

How does the mobile clinic work?

Previously, the only mobile denture clinics servicing the Tweed region were from Brisbane or North Gold Coast. We are able to offer more competitive rates and rapid response turnaround times for emergency repairs and replacements due to our close proximity to the many aged-care facilities. Patients or family members can either call the clinic or make an appointment online. We then make arrangements to visit the facility or private residence during the construction process. For emergency repairs, our super easy online booking form notifies us of the collection which we act on immediately to ensure the patient isn't without their denture for any length of time. Of course, we are only a phone call away if preferred.

What are the benefits of dentures and are they expensive?

The benefits of dentures are far reaching. A full set of functioning teeth ensures you are able to bite, chew and speak properly. Dentures free you from dietary restrictions, improve your appearance and most importantly, restore your confidence. Dentures can last from five to eight years before they require replacement. This makes them a great investment in the health and attractiveness of your teeth We understand how important it is to keep costs to a minimum for our senior residents of the Tweed, which is why we offer a range or dentures for different budgets. Denture prices are set according to the number of teeth on the denture, the denture material and the different levels of quality.