WINNER, WINNER: Triumphant bowls pairs duo Brian Heap and Max Jaffray with Bill Cornehls.
WINNER, WINNER: Triumphant bowls pairs duo Brian Heap and Max Jaffray with Bill Cornehls.

Bowls round-up

South Tweed Sharks

June 27 - July 3

Wednesday Morning Open Pairs

Winners: Jim Chapman & Les Smith.

Runners-up: Brian Heap & Bob Hynes.

Wednesday Open Triples

Winners: John O'Neill, Peter Blanksby, Irvine Brooks, Ian Whithall.

Runners-up: John Privett, Don Bateson, Rob Sellar.

Friday Open Bowls

Winners: Phil Ryan, Dianne McKee, Bill Cornehls.

Runners-up: Jan Watson, Keith Graham, Lance Watson.

Saturday Open

Pairs winners: Bill Greenway & Rex Wildash.

Triples winners: Jim McBain, Noel Solly, Dave Williams.

Tuesday Ladies Bowls

Winner: Maria Santos & Cheryl Moran.

Runners-up: Dot McCray & Jenny Smith.

STS Open 3 Bowl Pairs

Winner: Max Jaffray & Brian Heap.

Runners-up: Derek Hopps & Kevin McMahon.

Third: Dennis McHarry & Jock Hicks.

Fourth: Allan Vidler & Doug Hogg.

Runner up 3 bowl pairs L to R Derek Hopps and Kevin McMahon_Bowls Co-ordinator Bill Cornehls.JPG
CLOE SECOND: Bowls pairs runners up Derek Hopps and Kevin McMahon with South Tweed Co-ordinator Bill Cornehls.

Tweed Heads Men's & Ladies

Monday, July 2

Club Championships

Ladies B Singles Final: Margaret Benson d. Lynda Kattenberg 25/19.

Monday, June 25

PM Indoor Mixed Pairs Winners: George Mynott, Mario matteucci 3 wins plus 34; r/up; Al Kalnins, Brian Heap 3 wins plus 15; 3rd: Ray Arrowsmith, Robert Cloke 3 wins plus 6.

Tuesday, June 26

Green 1: Lena Hurray, Pam Vaughan, Margaret Thomas, Lyn Young; r/up: Mary & Bob Denison, Alice Plowright, Kath Beckman.

Green 2: Jerry Patterson, Trevor Bauerochse, Rick Tadday, Paul Wickenden; r/up; Marie Kelly, Adrianne Nash, Claire Holder, Stephanie Goldsmith.

Wednesday, June 27

Green 1: Ena Haydon, Heather & John McConnell; r/up: Rick Taday, Paul Wickenden.

Green 2: Rod Stebbins, John Reardon; r/up: Pam & Joe Ziniaks.

Green 3: Terry Thompson, Charlie Fish; r/up: Fred Axford, Bill Dangerfield.

Indoor Green: Bob Chapman, Brian Bevan; r/up: Frank Birkin, Gordon Holthouse.

Thursday, June 28

AM Indoor Singles Winner: Mark Lynn 3 wins plus 14up: r/up: Ken Emura 2 plus 23; 3rd: Lynda Lynn 2 plus 16.

Friday, June 29

Green 1: Sean Harty, Roger Bell, Allen Jackson; r/up: Stan Loeber, Ron Benton.

Green 2: G Jenkins, G Pike, Neville Jenkins; r/up: John Asser, Russell Luland.

Green 3: Alan Hills, Robert Cloke, Ernie Robins; r/up; Bob Young, Lol Sables, Rick Tadday.

Saturday, June 30

Jackpot Saturday

Green 1: Bob Home, Ron Chandler; r/up: John Matchett, Dylan Cooper, Ron Glass, Graham Higgins.

Green 2: Bob & Barbara Mullens; r/up: Daniel Walker, Len Byrne, Alan Davis, Lindsay Walker.

Green 3: Ann & John Feast; r/up: Nanette Wise, June Solly.

Jackpot winners: David Howard, John Boylan, Russell Frewin, Jim Croghan.

Sunday, July 1

Jackpot Sunday

Green 1: Helen Webb, Dawn Lee, Michael Johns; r/up: Renee & Tony Laycock, Kath & Louis Beckman.

Green 2: Lidia Elsey, Maureen & John Trenjordan; r/up: Col Elsey, Bill & Gill Wright.

Jackpot Winners: Marina Clark, Doreen Kendall, Ruth & Max Reiter.

Carnival: The Winter Mixed Pairs carnival will be held on Monday, July 16, starting at 8.45am. 3 games, 13 ends. Open Draw on arrival from 8am, $50 per team. Total prize money $2000. Email entry to or mail to Games Director, PO Box 167 Tweed Heads 2485. Entries close July 12.

Kingscliff Beach Women's

Wednesday, June 27

Social Bowls: Rained off.

Open Pairs Final: Congratulations to J White, R Evans who defeated Di Jones and Sandra Akers in a close game, 15 / 13.

Kingscliff Beach Men's

Tuesday, June 26

Social Bowls

Open Pairs Winners: B Spurway and D Shephard.

Runners-up: H Lawrence and G Cowie; Plate Winners: J Youl and R Watson.

Thursday, June 21

Two Bowl Triples Winners: A Thompson, R Reaburn and P Duncan.

Runners-up Cobber, K McKlelland and Tango.

Plate Winners; C Evans, G Hunt and P Perkiss.

Saturday, June 30

Three Bowl Triple Winners: G Hinks, P Gentle and B Moore; R Breen, M Marriott and T Elton.

Plate Winners: B Harris, B Watson and J Brinsmead.

Club Championship

Major Minor Pairs Final: S Wallace and P Watson def C Scott and G Mullen.

Mullumbimby Ex-Services

Saturday, June 30

In the social pairs Peter Wilton and Nev Lee won the day with 2 wins + 6, followed by Clint Marsh and Geoff Flick 1 win 1 loss, + 5, Michael Lardi and Darrin Blake 1 win 1 loss, -2; and Rose Wainwright and Larry Henry 2 losses, -9.

The semi-finals of the 2018 Fours saw Jamie Ewin, George McKenzie, Troy Creighton and Des Hammond prove too strong for Errol Boyter, Ross Graham, Michael Burke and Jeff Morgan, winning by 23 to 13. The other match was won by Bernie O'Hearn, Ashley Lumsden, Adam McKenzie and Scott Hogan, who were 16 to 7 victors over Trent Foreman, Jean-Claude Canabou, Allan Bartlett and Gary Porter.

The final will be played next Saturday.