B GRADE SINGLES: Final winner Anna Lovasi and runner-up Linda Scott with vice president Marguerite Pettigrew.
B GRADE SINGLES: Final winner Anna Lovasi and runner-up Linda Scott with vice president Marguerite Pettigrew.

Bowls round-up

South Tweed Sharks

May 2 - May 8

Wednesday Morning Open Pairs

Winners: John Bain & Steve Halmai

Runners-up: Dave Bennett & Kim Mitchell

Wednesday Open Triples

Winners: Dennis Daly & Al Heidi

Runners-up: Alex Reid, Don Bateson, Rob Sellar

Saturday Open Pairs

Winners: Mike Bambery & Norm Pritchard

Runners-up: Mal Keerie & Gillie Hogg

Saturday Open Triples

Winners: Norm Hardie, Alex Reid, Al Heidi

Runners-up: Bob Atherton, Peter Johnston, Ian Whitehall

Tuesday Ladies Bowls

Winner: Pauline Howlett & Shirley Carroll

Runners-up: Faye McCoach & Sandy Pearce

Ladies B Grade Club Championship Singles Final

Anna Lovasi-North def Linda Scott

Tweed Heads Men's and Ladies

THE final of the 51st RSL National Fours Championship was won by R Gurr, I Wildman, M Carley and P Staggard from Queensland who defeated T Saunders, G Munn, T Howard and C Davies from South Australia in a thrilling game 21-18 last Saturday.

Monday, April 30

Indoor PM Open Pairs

Winners: Nigel Smith, John Bain 3 wins plus 32; r/up: Allan Avioler, Doug Hogg 3 plus 15; 3rd: Garry Mountain, Ray Arrowsmith 3 plus 10. Random draw: P Laverty, L Liwer.

Tuesday, May 1

Green 1: Clive Weston, John Pearson, Ivan Gribble, John Gunton; r/up: Ruth Reiter, June Gilroy, Merle Willis, Doreen Kendall

Indoor Green: Bill Finney, Dee Hunt Renee & Tony Laycock; r/up: Josie Ryan, Sue Jackson, Shirley Ganter, Val Chapman

Thursday, May 3

AM Indoor Singles: Winner: Ken Emura 3 wins plus 26; r/up: Pauline Laverty 3 plus 17; 3rd Damien Delgardo 3 plus 16. Random draw David Scott.

Friday, May 4

Green 1: John Boylan, John Feast; r/up: John Asser, Trevor Bauerochse, Jim Croghan

Green 2 Jack Blagbrough, Geoff & Kevin Dixon; r/up: Roger Oldman, Gary Stevens, Ron Benton

Green 3: Rob Empson, Peter Barns, Bob Morgan; r/up: Mike Goddard, Pat Dalley, Derek Hopps

Indoor Green: Merv Papas, David Scott, Ron Maltby; r/up; Ken Scott, Vince Leather, David Howard

PM Indoor Mixed Pairs: Winners: Ernie & Kaye Robins 3 wins plus 18; r/up: Ivan Gribble, Frank McPhillips 3 plus 9; 3rd: Merle Willis, Doreen Kendall 2.5 plus 9.

Saturday, May 5

Green 1: Sari Melrose, Lynda Kattenbeerg, Dennis Agnew; r/up: D Finlayson, G Hedges

Green 2: Bernie Fletcher, Keith Downey; r/up: Nanette Wise, Rob Kaehler.

Sunday, May 6:

Green 1: Phil Dwyer, Tony & Lynda Kattenberg; r/up: Bev White, George Mynott, Vern Eves, Ron Maltby

Green 2: Kaye & Ernie Robins; r/up: Rick Tadday, Paul Wickenden

Mullumbimby Ex-services

Thursday, May 3


Bob MacAuley and Ray Linabury were the winners with 2 wins, +9; followed by Errol Boyter and Geoff Flick 1 win 1 loss, +8; Ray Breckenridge and Mike Nicholls 1 win 1 loss, -5; and Robert Rays and Mal Flesser 2 losses, -12.


Dave, Jean-Claude Canabou and Allan Bartlett won the day with 2 wins,+ 5; followed by Bill Ball, Michael Lardi and Michael Burke 1 win 1 loss, +5; Clint Marsh, Bob Rose and Terry Johnston 1 win 1 loss, +3; Peter Wilton, Darrin Blake and Larry Henry 2 losses, -15.

Saturday, May 5

Div 4

The Mullumbimby Division 4 Pennant team played Kingscliff at Mullumbimby and recorded a 61-55 victory. Trent Foreman, Dick Ottery, Des Hammond and Richie Northcott won 20-19; Mike Nicholls, Ross Graham, Ben Leeson and Jeff Morgan were 21-18 victors; while Ashley Lumsden, Adam McKenzie, Troy Creighton and Mark Hogan had a 20-18 win.

Div 5

The Division 5 side travelled to Condong and secured a 59-46 victory. Bob Rose, Bernie O'Hearn, Leigh Rickert and Terry Fenwick had a 24-9 win. Jamie Ewin, Geoff Flick, Allan Bartlett and Larry Henry played a 19-all draw; while Errol Boyter, Clint Marsh, Mark Brown and Michael Burke went down 18-16.

Sunday, May 5

Div 5

The rain interrupted Pennant games from last weekend were concluded. Division 5 were defeated 49-69 by Ocean Shores at Mullumbimby. Errol Boyter, Clint Marsh, Mark Brown and Michael Burke were the only Mullum team to secure a win.

Div 4

The Division 4 game at Cabarita turned into a thriller. With Mullumbimby five shots behind on the last end, Ben Leeson's team secured five shots to tie the match up at 60 shots all. With Cabarita holding shot on the last rink, Richie Northcott played two great bowls to give the Mullumbimby team a two-shot victory in front of the stunned home crowd.

Club Banora Ladies

May 1

Social bowls

Winners: M. Fowler, M. Badger, V. King, V. Power

Runners-up: S. Sealby, M. Tate.

B Grade Singles: R. Ralston d S. Sealby, M. Plant d B. Morris, J. Gerrish d J. Kos, K. Watson d J. Foad.

Due to inclement weather, all bowls were cancelled on Tuesday, May 8. The book is open for members wishing to play on the birthday to be held on Friday, June 1.

Zone One Bowls

THE Black Paddle Shield, a yearly trial game between Zone 1 and Zone 11 prior to the State Inter-Zone challenge, has been won by Zone 1 for the first time since it's inception. The side selected to represent Zone 1 at the State competition 15-16 May is - John Wilson NRE, Martin Wilson NRW, Terry McFadden NRW, Terry Lee TBD, Greg Barrack TBD, Gary Simon NRE, John Turner TBD, Ian Parker CRD, Graham Meany CRD, Peter Duncan TBD, Steve Massey TBD, Ken Coyte TBD, Peter Forrester CRD.

Junior's Singles Championship was conducted at Cheery Street B.C. 6 May. Congratulations to the winner - Billy Drooger (South Lismore) and runner-up - Marty Rodgers (Kyogle). Billy will now head off to Warilla on July 15 for a shot at the State title.

Zone 1 Grade 1 Pennant result points to the end of Round 2: Section 1 - Kingscliff 20; Pottsville 17: Ballina 2; Evans Head 1. Section 2 - Casino RSM 19: Lismore Heights 10; South Lismore 9; East Lismore 2.