MP Jann Stuckey says crime and hospitals were major concerns for southern Queenslanders.
MP Jann Stuckey says crime and hospitals were major concerns for southern Queenslanders. Max Fleet

Border security big issue for Southern Gold Coast residents

RESIDENTS on the Southern Gold Coast have highlighted border security as their biggest concern in a survey conducted by the federal member for McPherson, MP Karen Andrews

Thirteen key issues were put to the electorate including crime, employment, roads and infrastructure, and education, with almost 60 percent responding they were most concerned about securing Australia's borders.

The second biggest concern was reducing the cost of living pressures, followed by the carbon tax.

Mrs Andrews says she is not surprised by the top result given the heightened awareness of illegal immigration, particularly with the arrival of a boat of asylum seekers off Western

Australia last week.

"What is most interesting is the next four areas of concern for residents; backing small business, reducing national debt, fixing local hospitals, and tackling local crime, are all

ranked the same importance," Mrs Andrew said.

Member for Currumbin Jann Stuckey talked about border issues at a Tweed Chamber of Commerce breakfast meeting last week.

She iterated crime and hospitals as major concerns to people living on the border, but also raised education and transport, particularly taxi services.

"We need to maintain dialogue between the two states.

"Public transport is a particular issue that affects the majority of people who live and travel in the border are," she said.

"Six million people went through the Gold Coast Airport last year.

"From a tourism perspective, we need a reliable transport system."

Daylight saving was not a major issue for Southern Gold Coasters, according to the survey.

Other areas of concern voiced by voters include protecting the local environment, securing water supplies and creating local jobs both, improving roads and infrastructure