Mongols Nation sign above a property on Morton St.
Mongols Nation sign above a property on Morton St.

Tweed bikie clubhouse raided over suspected illegal booze

A BIKIE clubhouse in Chinderah was raided about 8pm on Saturday.

A NSW Police spokesman said police executed a search warrant on a Morton St address about 8pm.

The spokesman said it's believed the property was being used as a clubhouse by members of the Mongols.

He said police believed the illegal sale of alcohol may have been taking place at the location.

"During the warrant, officers seized Mongols paraphernalia, alcohol, bar equipment, a fridge, a pool table, furniture and an extensive sound and lighting system," he said.

"No one was present at the property when the search warrant commenced, yet during its execution three members of the Mongols attended the location."

It's understood those three members were served with an Occupiers notice and advised that further use of the property would result in "immediate prosecution".

The spokesman said police are still undergoing investigations into this matter.