BIGGER TRUCKS: The 6m truck which is currently in use for the water extraction on Urliup Rd.
BIGGER TRUCKS: The 6m truck which is currently in use for the water extraction on Urliup Rd. Contributed

Bigger trucks needed for water extraction

A BORE owner is asking Tweed Shire Council to approve an amendment to his water extraction licence in order to save his business.

Larry Karlos currently holds a development application to extract 60 megalitres of water each year from his property on Urliup Rd, Bilambil for commercial use.

In a letter addressed to council, Mr Karlos is seeking an amendment to the size of trucks he is allowed to use from six metres to 19m in order to transport the required water.

"Since we have been restricted to six metre trucks, we have suffered immensely financially," Mr Karlos wrote.

Mr Kalos said his business was failing under the current licence because of his clients' expectations of haulage amounts.

"Without approval for 19m trucks, our business will die," he said.

Mr Karlos said in his letter he has faced a number of financial challenges including having to deal with a "massive pay cut in cents per litre" from using the six metre trucks and has spent "around $100,000 in bills for various reports and other requests from council."

"These six metre trucks have drastically slashed our family's income at a time we have been required to put together the material and reports which have sent overheads with no return through the roof," Mr Karlos said.

A concerned resident, who asked not to be named, told the Tweed Daily News they believed it wasn't council's responsibility to save Mr Karlos' business.

"I'm a small business person, if my business isn't viable that's my responsibility, I can't blame the council or the community," they said.

"Why should the community be suffering if these water companies want to use bigger trucks to transport water?

"This water is going to Brisbane, why should the community of Tweed be suffering from the danger of these trucks?"

The DA amendment would not change the capacity of the water extraction licence issued by the NSW Office of Water.

Council is also considering another DA submitted by Mr Karlos to upgrade works on Urliup Rd to accommodate the 19m trucks, if approved.

Attempts to contact Mr Karlos were unsuccessful.