DON AND CO: The Best of the Eagles returns to Twin Towns Services Club on May 5.
DON AND CO: The Best of the Eagles returns to Twin Towns Services Club on May 5.

Best of the Eagles land at Twin Towns

IMITATION is said to be the highest form of flattery.

But you'd probably be flattered if you could imitate Don Henley - the frontman of one of the most successful bands of all time, The Eagles.

David Gray is the man who portrays Henley for the The Best of The Eagles, the tribute band returning to Twin Towns next weekend.

The Tweed Daily News spoke to Gray in the lead-up to the show about how the show has been winning over audiences with their vivid recreations of the 1970s powerhouse.

How was The Best of The Eagles formed?

I got into The Eagles from listening to and watching Don Henley. I was just in awe of this guy singing and playing the drums at the same time. The only other guy I could think of doing it like that was Ringo. That's what attached the band to me, and I thought I'd fancy giving it a go.

The Best of The Eagles started in 2016 and before that I performed in an Eagles tribute show in the UK. Our promoter was looking to put on a tour in Australia and that's what we did.

How did the Australian venture go down?

In 2016 the band performed the Hotel California album cover to cover for our first national tour. Because that tour was such a success we took it back out last year and it was just as popular.

What is it like taking on the role of Don Henley?

Like every musician when they first start out, I lacked confidence. Through experience and doing a lot of homework I sort of mastered the craft of it. I go into auto pilot on stage, like I'm just meant to be playing the part of Don Henley. I've got a similar style voice. The huskiness. It helps.

150 million records sold worldwide - why are The Eagles so popular?

They also have the biggest selling "greatest hits” album at 46million. The Eagles' music appeals to all walks of life. They've got a bit of country, pop, rock - the music has covered a lot of genres and is so timeless. You'll hear Eagles music on any radio station at any time.

There have been more than a few Eagles tribute bands. How do fans respond to this one?

In this show we do something different to just about all other Eagles shows in the world - we play the part of the characters. When the audience come into the theatre we want to put them in a time machine to late '70s and make them believe. People have told us they close their eyes and they couldn't tell the difference.

You can't beat that.