A sign protesting water mining in the Tweed has been stolen.
A sign protesting water mining in the Tweed has been stolen.

Anti-water mining protest sign ‘stolen’

A prominent sign protesting controversial water mining projects in the Tweed has been allegedly stolen.

Tweed Water Alliance spokesman Pat Miller said the sign, which was situated on the eastern approach to Uki, was vandalised on December 19 before it was eventually stolen around January 9.

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"We clearly made someone uncomfortable," Mr Miller said.

"But our view is that if you have to resort to illegal, if not criminal activity to make your point, you haven't got anything left."

The Tweed Water Alliance has been a strong voice in the community for a number of years now, advocating for the ban of water extraction in the region.

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"Tweed Water Alliance's grassroots campaign is based on meticulous research, ethical lobbying and a solid community presence to protect our groundwater.

"We have made a formal police complaint."

"We are asking our community for information on our sign.

"We are sure you find trespass, vandalism and theft as abhorrent as we do."

If anyone has any information about the whereabouts of the sign, email info@tweedwateralliance.org or contact police.