Accused drove dead mate to sister's house, court hears

IT was a detailed operation allegedly involving a 44-gallon barrel, a tractor, multiple bags of cement and a dead body.

But lifting a 250kg barrel and throwing it in the Caboolture River could not be done single-handedly.

A jury has heard that with his "mate" in the passenger seat with a gunshot wound to the head and cut throat, Anthony Charles Oliver drove to his sister's property near Esk for assistance in December, 20, 2010.

The 38-year-old allegedly called ahead to let his sibling, Jenny Oliver and her husband Peter Harris, know he was in trouble.

Mr Harris allegedly told police Oliver asked him for help and led him down to his borrowed car, where Norman Desmond Cheney's body sat in the passenger seat.

Oliver, who is on trial in the Brisbane Supreme Court for murder, allegedly told Mr Harris he was going to put Mr Cheney's body in a barrel, pour cement over it and dispose of it.

Crown prosecutor Todd Fuller QC told the court on Tuesday Mr Harris allegedly watched Oliver tip the barrel on the side and put Mr Cheney's body in.

Oliver then allegedly mixed up cement - combined with stones and gravel - and poured it over his friend's lifeless body.

Mr Fuller told the jury Mr Harris, on Oliver's request, got the tractor and moved the barrel with the bucket.

Mr Fuller said Oliver's sister told police she drove with her brother and partner in a ute with a barrel on the back but did not know what was in it.

She claimed she was let off on the roadside while the men drove off and returned without the barrel.

Oliver allegedly told his sister: "No one would ever believe it was self-defence", the jury heard.

Oliver's barrister, Michael Byrne QC, said self-defence would be a key issue throughout the trial.

He said Mr Cheney, who used the drug ice, had a history of becoming "incredibly violent in a short period of time".

A bushwalker discovered the barrel on banks of the Caboolture River at Rocksberg on February 5, 2011.

Mr Fuller said the bushwalker peered inside and saw teeth and a human mouth before he called police.

The court heard Mr Cheney's ex-wife, Trischelle, began a relationship with Oliver before and after she split up with Mr Cheney, 41, the father of her then five-year-old son.

The trial continues.