ROUSING RENDITION: Seagulls captain Cheyne Whitelaw belts out the team song alongside Sam Meskell after an incredible comeback vs Ipswich.
ROUSING RENDITION: Seagulls captain Cheyne Whitelaw belts out the team song alongside Sam Meskell after an incredible comeback vs Ipswich. SMP IMages

A win for the ages

AT 18-4 down with 15 minutes to play, no one at Piggabeen Sports Complex would've wagered that the Tweed Seagulls' winning streak could continue.

But in those 15 minutes, the 'Gulls put on 16 points, including a scarcely believable aerial catch from Kiah Cooper at the death that levelled the match, before Lindon McGrady slotted a penalty kick from half-way - after the siren - to seal one of the greatest comebacks in Intrust Super Cup history.

Lindon MCGRADY (Tweed Heads Seagulls) - Photo SMPIMAGES.COM/NEWSCORP - Action from the Round 10 Queensland Rugby League (QRL) Intrust Super Cup clash between the Tweed Heads Seagulls v Ipswich Jets played at Piggabeen Stadium, West Tweed Heads.
CLUTCH: Lindon McGrady stepped up to send the Seagulls crowd into ecstasy and keep his side's win-streak alive as he kicked the winning points after the horn on Saturday. SMP IMages

Here is how the turn- around, the improbable win and that now famous kick unfolded from the eyes of coach Ben Woolf and some of the key players in the comeback.

Fatigue factor

Ben Woolf: "We started to keep it simpler and be a bit more patient. We started to finish over the top of them and they were fatiguing.

"That was the message we were sending out. Just be patient. We got those couple of tries late and then Lindo, when we got the penalty we were confident he could nail it. He's a big kick and a pressure player and he nailed it.”

Never say die

Konrad Hurrell: "It was crazy in the first half playing up against a type of footy like (Ipswich). They didn't seem to have any structure and they play what's in front of them. A lot of sideways running and off-loading. It was frustrating. At half time the coach told us to get back to our game plan, what we had been training all week.

"(Lindon) had missed a few kicks but as soon as (the penalty) happened he was like, 'give it here'. He had the confidence. As soon as he kicked it he knew it was good. It's a good bunch of boys. And it's good to play with boys who never give up.”

Cooper heroics

Kiah Cooper: "It was a tough game. Ipswich play different to every other team. They throw the ball out everywhere. It's very hard to defend. But they got tired in the second half which gave us good, easy ball.

"The first (try) I didn't even know it was coming. I just thought (Konrad Hurrell) was going to scoot it from hooker, like he normally does, then it came to me and I nearly dropped the ball.

"The last try I just knew that we needed a try. When we put the high kick up I sprinted and had eyes for the ball and nothing else, and I had to jump up and catch it.

"I had all the confidence in Lindon. I knew he was going to kick it. I thought maybe he wouldn't have the legs so late in the game. It was a great kick. I wouldn't have kicked that, no way.”

Four in a row

Lindon McGrady: "We started to get a roll on then we got the last try off Kiah. Straight after that with a minute left they tried a short kick and stuffed it.

"I knew I could make the distance. There was no wind and I've practised it from there at training a few times. As soon as I hit it I knew it was going over. It felt good off the boot. I was confident... I've never been in that position before. I just went with the flow.”

The Seagulls take on Northern Pride this Sunday, 2pm at Piggabeen.