Bray Park Water Treatment Facility.
Bray Park Water Treatment Facility. Scott Davis

A plan for future water security

DISCUSSIONS about Tweed Shire's water security are back on the table this week as council is expected to decide how to manage the raising of Clarrie Hall Dam.

Councillor James Owen is asking council to rescind its decision from the March 16 meeting to complete a comprehensive independent review of Council's Tweed District Water Supply in order to prioritise completing infrastructure upgrades at Bray Park Weir.

Cr Owen said he believed setting up the review committee was a waste of resources because of the similarities it shares with a previous committee assessing the planning of raising Clarrie Hall Dam.

"There was some discussion about prioritising the weir over constituting this committee, which ran for several years and cost several thousands of dollars,” he said.

"Reconstituting this committee is opinion shopping. It's going to take 10 years to raise the wall.

"There's a time frame and why would we waste time in doing something we've already done?

"Why don't we put that money into our infrastructure?”