Concept for Trash and Treasure. Australian twenty dollar notes in the wheelie bin.
Concept for Trash and Treasure. Australian twenty dollar notes in the wheelie bin.

$200k of Tweed ratepayers money is going to waste

A BIN inspection team, tasked with lifting the lid on Tweed contamination, will be targeting residents who do not follow the rules.

Tweed Shire Council announced this week they would be crack down on those putting incorrect items into bins, after claiming they spend up to $200,000 of ratepayers money sorting contamination of green bins.

Those who are found to have misplaced garbage in the wrong bin may not have it collected.

Council’s Resource Recovery Education Officer, Tarra Martel said she has been impressed by the efforts most residents make to put the right items in the right bin.

“Bins that have correct items in them receive ‘thank you’ cards. Rewards such as liners and reusable shopping bags are also handed out for residents that are doing their bit,” Ms Martel said.

However, she noted that there are still a significant number of households doing the wrong thing.

“Bins that have unwanted items in them may receive a bin contamination sticker, and will not be collected until the contamination is removed by the resident.

“A letter is sent to residents to help them understand what needs to be done to fix the situation. Ongoing issues at the same property will result in the bin not being collected, however costs associated with the bin will still be charged,” she said.

Plastic is the major issue for the council according to Ms Martel.

“Plastic bags cause sorting machinery to break down and add extra costs to the bin as they need to be pulled out by hand, which ends up being paid for by residents,” she said.

“Just a few people doing the wrong thing can have a negative impact, which costs a lot of time, money and resources to fix.”

Council advises the best option is to not use garbage bags, however if you wish to use a compostable bag, the one with the Australian Standard AS 4732 is required.

If you are not sure if you are using the right bags or you have questions about what goes in each bin email or visit